Maritime Security

U.S. Coast Guard regulations require certain facilities, vessels, and ports to establish a security plan, which must be approved by the Coast Guard. Unfortunately, the regulations have proven to be cumbersome and many companies do not understand what they must do to comply.

Rushing Marine has helped many of our customers comply with these regulations by creating company-specific security plans for their facilities and vessels. Per the U.S. Coast Guard in Washington, D.C., Rushing Marine created the first approved Vessel Security Plan in the country.

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Security Assessments

Vessels and facilities subject to the Maritime Security regulations are required to have a Security Assessment, a written document that is based on the collection of background information, the completion of an on-scene survey and an analysis of that information.

Security Plans

Vessel and Facility Security Plans, including Alternative Security Programs (ASPs), are to be implemented for vessels and facilities subject to the Maritime Security regulations and must be approved by the U.S. Coast Guard.

Security Audits

Audits of Vessel and Facility Security Plans must be performed annually beginning no later than one year from the initial date of plan approval. Our consultants have the knowledge of methods of conducting audits and inspections, and control and monitoring techniques required by Coast Guard regulations.

Security Training

Our online Maritime Security training courses are specifically designed to meet the requirements found in 33 CFR Parts 104 and 105 for mariners working on the Western Rivers. We offer courses for Company and Facility Security Officers, Vessel Security Officers and Employees With Security Duties.

Security Drills & Exercises

Our consultants can work with you to design drills and exercises to test the proficiency of your personnel in their assigned security duties at all Maritime Security (MARSEC) Levels and the effective implementation of your company's Security Plan.

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