Regulations Handbook for

Maritime Security

The Second Edition Regulations Handbook for Maritime Security is now available, and contains applicable revisions and additions to regulations from the U.S. Coast Guard and the Transportation Security Administration.

The Regulations Handbook for Maritime Security contains:

Maritime Security (33 CFR Part 101)

Area Maritime Security (33 CFR Part 103)

Vessel Security (33 CFR Part 104)

Facility Security (33 CFR Part 105)

Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) Facility Security (33 CFR Part 106)

Ports and Waterways Safety – General (33 CFR Part 160)

Vessel Traffic Management (33 CFR Part 161)

Navigation Safety Regulations (33 CFR Part 164)

Regulated Navigation Areas and Limited Access Areas (33 CFR Part 165)

Protection of Sensitive Security Information (49 CFR Part 1520)

TWIC Requirements, including:

Appeal and Waiver Procedures for Security Threat Assessments for Individuals (49 CFR Part 1515)

Maritime and Land Transportation Security General Rules (49 CFR Part 1570)

Credentialing and Security Threat Assessments (49 CFR Part 1572)

Licensing of Maritime Personnel (46 CFR Part 10)

Certification of Seamen (46 CFR Part 12)

Manning Requirements (46 CFR Part 15)

The added footnotes, numerical index and cross-reference index will assist those needing to dig deeper into federal requirements concerning maritime security.

Last Published: 2007

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