Response Plans

Protecting America’s waterways is one your company’s top priorities. Whether you need to develop or update an existing Coast Guard-required Response Plan for your facility or vessels, create drills for your personnel, or exercise your Response Plan, we are here to help.

Nontank Vessel Response Plans

Towing vessels over 400 gross tons carrying oil of any kind, including diesel fuel, for main propulsion are required to have a Coast Guard-approved Response Plan for responding to a spill.

Tank Vessel Response Plans

Our consultants are experienced in Response Plan development and the identification of resources necessary to respond to the oil spill scenarios for vessels carrying oil as cargo.

Mobile Facility Response Plans

Tank trucks and tank wagons transferring fuel to towing vessels with a total capacity of 250 barrels or more are considered mobile Marine Transportation-Related facilities and subject to Coast Guard regulations, which include the development of a Facility Response Plan and Operations Manual in accordance with 33 CFR Part 154.

Facility Response Plans

Each facility capable of transferring oil or hazardous materials, in bulk, to or from a vessel, where the vessel has a total capacity, from a combination of all bulk products carried, of 250 barrels or more must create and submit to the Coast Guard for approval a Facility Response Plan and Operations Manual in accordance with 33 CFR Part 154.

Response Plan Drills & Exercises

Our consultants can work with your Qualified Individual to design drills and exercises to test the proficiency of your personnel and ensure your response plan will function in an emergency.

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