Safety & Health

Rushing Marine believes effective safety management systems must contain five elements: company-specific policies and procedures, an inspection program, employee involvement, employee training, and internal auditing/surveying.

Our consultants will work with you to develop these elements of your safety management system, and provide ongoing involvement in the program depending on your needs, as well as training and resources for your management and employees.

Towing Safety Management Systems

Companies choosing the TSMS Option to comply with Subchapter M must develop a structured and documented system that enables personnel involved in vessel operations and management to effectively implement the safety and environmental protection requirements of Subchapter M and the company.

Coast Guard Option Plans

For companies choosing the Coast Guard Option to comply with Subchapter M, Coast Guard personnel will conduct vessel inspection activities but the company must have a documented health and safety plan, including general health and safety requirements, procedures to identify and mitigate hazards, and training requirements.

Responsible Carrier Program

The AWO Responsible Carrier Program (RCP) is a safety management system for tugboat, towboat and barge companies that provides a framework for continuously improving company safety performance. Whether you choose the TSMS Option or the Coast Guard Option, Rushing Marine can help incorporate the applicable elements of the RCP into your Safety Management System.

Shipyard Safety Programs

Our consultants can help you create a customized Shipyard Safety Program which contains the five elements of an effective Safety Management System, as well as the applicable elements of OSHA's non-mandatory guidelines, and complies with applicable U.S. Coast Guard and OSHA regulations.

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