We specialize in facilitating all of our customers' training needs whenever possible. Our training programs cover Responsible Carrier Program, Safety and Health, and Maritime Security issues in accordance with USCG, OSHA and MSHA regulations on a wide range of topics.

We have developed many ways to help our customers provide the training that suites their work schedule and budget, including:

Training Programs

Rushing Marine can conduct professional and enjoyable training for both management and employees. We use several types of training tools, such as multimedia, games, hands-on and training materials to keep the training process more responsive and enjoyable for the participants read more

Training Seminars

We offer Training Seminars to help your company comply with the latest regulatory requirements, both effectively and efficiently. We provide Company Security Officer (CSO), Facility Security Officer (FSO) and Vessel Security Officer (VSO) seminars read more

Online Training

Rushing Marine understands that your time is valuable, and how difficult it can become to get all of your employees together for a large training program. That is why we created our online training services. We provide customers with safety and security training right at their fingertips, which they can complete at their own pace with one or a handful of employees at their own facility. Our catalog of online training will continue to grow to help meet your needs read more

Online Orientations

An online orientation gives each new employee the opportunity to hear and see the same material, the same way, regardless of how much time their supervisor has to spend with them on their orientation day. Rushing Marine can help develop and host your company's customized online orientation read more

Master - Limited Geographic License Program

Our Master - Limited Geographic License Program can help your company establish a consistent process for commercial mariners, operating inland towing vessels involved in harbor service operations that are restricted to specified geographic areas, in obtaining a license as Master of Towing Vessels read more

Company Specific Training

Many companies already have policies and procedures in place in compliance with U.S. Coast Guard, OSHA and MSHA requirements, but need assistance in training their employees in those policies and procedures. We have the capability to take your company's existing policies, and design training programs and materials that fit your company's operations. For more information, contact us.