Online Orientations

Will this week's new employee receive the same information as next week's new employee? What would your supervisors be able to accomplish if they weren't spending hours reading company policies and procedures to each new employee?

Developing an effective employee orientation experience is crucial. A well thought out online orientation program will help not only in employee safety, but also in productivity.


An online orientation gives each new employee the opportunity to hear and see the same material, the same way, regardless of how much time their supervisor has to spend with them on their orientation day.

You can rest assured knowing each employee must spend the required amount of time in each lesson, and will not be able to advance to the next lesson until they have successfully completed a review exercise.

If the employee does not complete the review exercise with a perfect score, they must retake the lesson before again attempting the review exercise.


Online orientations are completely customized, so your employees will learn your policies, your procedures, your history, and your values.


A printable completion certificate and score report are generated for each employee who successfully completes the orientation.

Cost Effective

Simply put, the better the orientation, the safer your employees will be, and the less time your supervisors will need to spend reteaching company policies.

To learn how Rushing Marine can help customize your new employee onboarding experience, please contact us.