Master - Limited Geographic LIcense Program

Our Master - Limited Geographic License Program can help your company establish a consistent process for commercial mariners, operating inland towing vessels involved in harbor service operations that are restricted to specified geographic areas, in obtaining a license as Master of Towing Vessels. These limited licenses are restricted by the Coast Guard to specified geographic areas.

Our program is designed to implement the program authorized by a U.S. Coast Guard District 8 Memorandum dated March 11, 2008. This memorandum allows for the issurance of a license as Master of Towing Vessels which is limited in terms of geographic area for which the license is valid.

Companies implementing this program benefit from reduced time of service requirements, allowing them to better recruit mariners into the towing industry and retain qualified mariners.

There are limits to the geographic distance that will be considered for a limited license. No single geographic distance will be greater than 30 river/waterway miles. Multiple geographic areas may be included on one license, not to exceed three geographic areas and not to exceed an aggregate of 50 river/waterway miles.

Mariners and their companies will be required to show comptency by providing thoroughly detailed records documenting successful acquisition of knowledge and successful completion of a specified number of specific towing operations and transits within that limited geographic area, as verified by a Designated Examiner.

To learn more about how your company can implement this program, please contact us.

Download Forms

Trainee Enrollment Form This form must be completed when enrolling a new trainee into your company's Master - Limited Geographic License Program. We must receive a signed copy of this enrollment form via fax or email before the enrollment can be approved. This is a PDF form, and may be completed electronically and printed, or printed and completed by hand.

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Steersman Preliminary Training

Steersman Preliminary Training sessions are not currently scheduled. For more information, or to request a session, please contact us.