It's important to keep your company running safe, efficient and profitable. Our consultants' experience can help your company comply with its regulatory responsibilities and stay current with the continually changing regulations. Some of our services include:

Maritime Security

U.S. Coast Guard regulations require certain facilities, vessels, and ports to establish a security plan, which must be approved by the Coast Guard. Unfortunately, the regulations have proven to be cumbersome and many companies do not understand what they must do to comply. Rushing Marine has helped many of our customers comply with these regulations by creating company-specific security plans for their facilities and vessels read more

Safety & Health

Our Safety and Health Programs contain the applicable elements of OSHA's non-mandatory guidelines and comply with applicable U.S. Coast Guard, OSHA, and/or MSHA regulations. We provide safety manuals with company-specific policies and procedures. We also provide ongoing involvement in the program depending on the customer's needs, as well as training and training resources for management and employees read more

Responsible Carrier PRogram

The industry-initiated Responsible Carrier Program (RCP) is designed as a framework for continuously improving the industry's safety performance. American Waterways Operators (AWO) members use the RCP as a guide in developing company-specific safety and environmental programs that are tailored to the unique operational environments found in the barge and towing industry. The program complements and builds upon existing government regulations, requiring company safety standards that exceed those required by federal law or regulation read more

Required Documents / References

Rushing Marine strives to help our customers with up-to-the-minute changes in regulatory requirements. Acknowledging how difficult and time consuming it is to keep track of the latest publications of required documents and regulations, we have created an all-in-one resource to help our customers remain current and save time in the process read more